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Useful summary of getting the foundations right before trying to be innovative.  

For those that have not had cause to stop and think about how much one trillion dollars amounts to, this relativity page is compelling.

Today’s post provides a succinct summary of the main social media platforms.

See Guy Kawasaki the former chief evangelist of Apple and his eleven steps to innovation. It provides a fantastic summary of the core attributes.

Here is a snapshot of the way in which technology has impacted on a number of tools that we take for granted today.

It is an exceptionally compelling read on a number of levels, not least of which its analysis of why Facebook and Twitter are potentially in significant trouble, and then also how companies such as Apple, Nike, Coke and GE continue to deliver year after year game changing innovations.

One of the really compelling parts of the Facebook IPO at the time was the letter written by Mark Zuckerberg.  Check out the above link and key extracts on what it means to be a hacker.

Interesting article published by Precedent Magazine discussing the pricing within the legal industry.

The post today provides a fantastic overview of the way in which a number of industries have been completely revolutionised by technology.

Leadership post

The ongoing debate about what it means to be a ‘ROWE’ – i.e. a results only work environment is interesting.  See the article via the link above which summarises the concept as a business that ‘allows each person to do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done’.

The black swan, while a heavy read in parts, is one of the groundbreaking books of the last decade.  This post is a fantastic analysis of management and leadership speak.

Great article concerning the language used in management and corporations productivity

Check out the book review by Ron Baker on the book title Negotiating with Backbone. It is worth reading.

See the above article which discusses appearance in the workplace and its relationship with job performance.

Check out this interesting concept titled “The Result Triangle” from Jay Shepherd who is a fellow at Verasage.

Here’s an interesting article that draws analogies from the legendary Godfather film to modern leadership.

Slide show presentation encouraging those to “be the change”.

This post includes an insightful presentation into Netflix and their seven aspects of culture.

Legal industry posts

The post is a succinct article from Jordan Furlong who describes the challenges facing the legal industry under the title ‘the new battlefield: convenience’.

Here’s an interesting read, Mexican supermarkets have introduced low-cost divorce gift cards to rid divorce of its reputation for high expense, complexity and bureaucracy.

Given Google’s investment in Rocket Lawyer (the algorithm start up in the US, that now has a JV with a Lexis Nexis subsidiary), the win highlighted via the link above for Lawyerbots is perhaps further evidence that the future is here; just yet to be evenly distributed.

The article from March 2012 about the fundamental problems with the Goldman’s business model is analysed in today’s post via an analogy of the ‘big law’ business model.

Another compelling article on the debate between a ‘ROWE’ (in other words, a results only work environment) as opposed to the reality of a time billing based environment.

This post (again more wisdom from Seth Godin) could easily have been posted to a number of folders.  However it has been added to the Legal Industry Folder, as it is a timely reminder of the boundaries placed around our business by the system within which we work

Interesting article today about how law students are voting with their feet about the state of the Biglaw business model

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