A selection of feedback Matthew received at a seminar for an AMP Professional Development Day:

Good technical information and certainly hit some spots we need to address with our clients. Great war stories which relate to real life and the possibilities that could happen.

Excellent session. Full of interactivity and practical examples/cases.

This session was enjoyable, informative and of value to my clients.

Great content & presenters.

Engaging and excellent presenters.

Excellent session good pace, informative and entertaining.

A selection of the feedback Matthew received at a seminar for The Tax Institute is below:

Matthew is an excellent presenter.

Matthew’s presentation was at its usually high level and well done.

The practical case examples are very helpful to put the law in perspective.

Very interesting, practical and entertaining!

Matthew Burgess
What an incredible and engaging presentation.

You are a truly kind person, and such an inspiration. It is no wonder you do so well in business, because people would love your generosity and attitude of wanting to give and add value to others.

I just wanted to let you know that your seminar on Monday was one of the highest value educative sessions I have ever attended. I am completely blown away by your candour and authenticity.

If only we had more people in the world who had an attitude of unselfishly serving others. It is truly a great recipe for success.

Matthew, you are a superhero – I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s presentation.

Really loved the interactive style of presentation.

Matthew, your presentation yesterday was fantastic! A true lesson in how to take the dull and boring and make it fun and entertaining!

Great to see you present today – you are so energised and passionate. It is so refreshing and infectious.

Your candour in the presentation today was inspiring – to me it is authenticity that drives the true value in sessions like that, and to bear open your inner mechanics delivers this in spades.  So thank you.

It was great to attend your workshop on Monday.  That night I read the Dream Enabler in one session. It is brilliant.  Well done.

It was a fantastic seminar today and has inspired me on a number of fronts – indeed we have already started looking at implementing some of the ideas you share.

The workshop yesterday was such a marvellous day – I have a list of thoughts and ideas that goes for four pages as a result!

A selection of the feedback Matthew received from attendees at the MLC Risk Specialist Network retreat is below:

“Matthew’s presentation style is terrific, great content and it flows very well – great session.”

“Excellent session, resetting your mind on the target.”

“Another excellent session from Matthew Burgess.”

“The presentation was fantastic and Matthew was wonderful and very informative.”


“Matthew is always great value.”

MLC logo Matthew Burgess
“As manager of the Risk Specialist Network which is a risk and succession specialist division of MLC, I have worked with Matthew over a number of years and in every instance he has been extremely professional and has exceeded expectations on delivering content, insights and presentations for our advice business clients.

Matthew is a leading expert in his field and is always open to sharing his vast knowledge in the areas of tax, succession and estate planning to drive better succession outcomes for clients. His ability to translate complex legal issues into solutions is exceptional and is evidenced by the consistent positive feedback we receive from our clients on Matthew’s content and presentations.

Throughout Matthew’s working relationship with the Risk Specialist Network and MLC, he has been instrumental in transforming the way succession advice is provided to clients by our advisers and has significantly improved the quality of advice outcomes in these areas. Matthew’s unwavering focus on quality client outcomes and experiences position him as a unique professional in this field as he is always looking to innovate and find the best possible solution for his clients.

I would highly recommend Matthew as an exceptional advice professional who is refreshingly collaborative, innovative and always looking to deliver significant value and outcomes for his clients.”

Olivia Romano Manager Risk Specialist Network
MLC Advice Services | MLC & NAB Wealth

“I thought your facilitation was very well done … the depth of specialist knowledge and the enthusiasm of your team was well demonstrated. My interest arose because I’m on some family company boards and am a non-executive director of FINH.”

John Lyons
Independent Company Director

A selection of the feedback Matthew received from attendees at the 2013 National Convention for The Tax Institute is below:

“Brilliant in all aspects.”

“Excellent knowledge, expertise and presentation.”

“A real breath of fresh air – from a lawyer no less!”

“Very energetic – get him back!”

“Best session by far.  Really engaged the crowd.”

“What a great presenter!”

“A breath of fresh air.  This kid knows his stuff – but presents in a light, breezy and humorous way.  He should be a speaker at every Tax Institute convention for the next 5 years!”

“Loved his unique style! Kept you focused for the whole session.”

“Absolutely fabulous.”

“Excellent speaker. Made a legal topic interesting to an accountant.”

Suncorp have engaged Matthew Burgess of McCullough Robertson Lawyers to speak at many of our client seminars and professional development days. Matthew presents estate planning information in a dynamic and interesting way, leaving the audience wanting more. Feedback on his presentations is overwhelmingly positive, with comments including:

“Great public speaker”
“Easy to listen to, very entertaining”
“New information, well presented”
“Fun, interesting and pertinent”

I highly recommend Matthew’s services to other organisations wanting to add value to their customer proposition.

Tara Moffatt
Marketing Adviser, Suncorp 

A selection of the feedback Matthew received at various seminars prior to founding View Legal:

“Brilliant speaker – well done Matthew Burgess. The best presentation I have been to in years.”

“Having the interactive allows us to zero in on issues that are of most import to us.”

“Little room for improvement. Great presentation style.”

“The panel set up and delivery was very engaging and made it easy to stay focussed and interested.”

“The case studies are always interesting and easy to follow.”

“Focus on strategy and outcomes was brilliant.”

“The panel set up and delivery was very engaging and made it easy to stay focussed and interested.”

“The case studies are always interesting and easy to follow.”

“Congratulations on running a brilliant seminar … it was the best PD we had done in a long, long time. Full credit to your team for handling a daunting format very capably.”

“Really loved the interactive style of presentation. Thought all speakers were excellent for the ‘impromptu’ type of presentation.”

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