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Thank you for being part of my recent presentation.

Like most lawyers, I have had others attach labels to me over the years, including:

a. the baby-faced assassin
b. the lawyer to get when you don’t want to deal with a lawyer
c. the ‘www’ (why the wealthy win) guy.

A small business operator coined the one that has meant to the most to me and we helped to ensure she had a structure that allowed her to survive and ultimately prosper during a difficult start-up phase. Her label for what I do is ‘The dream enabler’ and that is the theme and title of one of my books.

As set out in the foreword to ‘The Dream Enabler’ book, for as long as I can remember, the obsessive study of great thinkers has been my favourite pastime.

This Workbook is designed to be a companion to ‘The Dream Enabler’ book.

It provides a framework to explore and achieve momentum in relation to each of the key concepts, leveraging the foundations explained in detail in ‘The Dream Enabler’.

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Matthew Burgess

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